About Mike

Mike is a leading expert in “Cyberphysical Systems Integration Security“, having dedicated himself to safeguarding society by securing how critical infrastructure communicates in Industry 4.0, and how it stays secure in further Industrial Revolutions. After gaining momentum on the public-stage for his many conference presentations and talks on securing Industry 4.0 systems, he used the culmination of his knowledge, experience, and effort to conceive Defiant Networks, Inc. , a secure networking solutions firm where he continues his work to employ the safest and most secure intercommunication methods between IT and OT systems

He’s also a trusted cybersecurity professional with experience in the financial, health, industrial controls, and automotive sectors. Equipped with his experience as a former software engineer and skills on offensive & defensive security, he’s been trusted to perform penetration tests and implement SOC infrastructure for fortune 50 companies, and has conducted security testing on SCADA environments for major metropolitan transportation infrastructure. His expertise often has him speaking at conferences, sitting on panels or presenting at various cybersecurity groups such as DefCon and ISSA chapter meets.